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Records management in Texas school district to be improved by new facility

Posted by PF Inc. 
The construction of a new building to house the records management department of the Brownsville Independent School District in Texas will improve accessibility and security, according to a report from the Brownsville Herald.

The biggest accessibility boost, the newspaper said, will be the result of the new availability of public parking near the new facility. Many visitors will be able to get their public records management requests completed in a single visit.

In addition to the new building - part of a complex of four to which the district is in the process of transferring much of its operations - the records management department is currently updating its regular record-keeping systems to a new digital standard, the Herald reported. Many records will be digitized, and those that are not will be automatically indexed by the new system.

Records management improvements can provide substantial benefits to many organizations, as the increased efficiency creates the potential for faster work and shorter lead times related to archival and cataloging tasks.

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