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BellSouth Telecommunications

Posted by mrtroymason 
BellSouth Telecommunications
August 31, 2011 06:54PM
You might not think that something so seemingly simple as storing reports electronically could save millions of dollars, but that’s precisely what BellSouth
Telecommunications (BST) has discovered. During the first year, the company conserved approximately 16 million sheets of printout paper and saved $3.5 million by
implementing an electronic filing system.

BST’s system of storing reports electronically enables employees to view, download, or print reports archived in the company’s data centers from their own workstations. Implementing this system has helped the company conserve paper, improve efficiency, and reduce the need for paper storage.

Prior to initiating the electronic filing system, BST employees could only obtain reports by ordering printed copies. For employees requiring specific references or pages from a report, this process often wasted time and paper. Employees now can save resources by viewing reports on line.
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