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University of Illinois at Chicago plans extensive online document storage service

Posted by mrtroymason 
University of Illinois at Chicago plans extensive online document storage service
August 24, 2011 08:18PM
For academics, access to source material is critically important, no matter what field they are in. The University of Illinois at Chicago recently announced plans for a large-scale digital document storage program that will incorporate data from 14 different institutions in the area.

The focus, said UIC university librarian Mary Case, will be on archiving as much detail about the history of the Chicago area as possible.

"All the institutions have primary resource materials in multiple formats that tell the political, cultural, and economic history of the Chicago area - personal papers of politicians, artists, activists, folk heroes and prominent citizens; records of churches, community organizations, social clubs; corporate and institutional archives; in formats including photographs, audio-visual materials, maps and digital files," she stated.

Local institutions participating in the project will include the Chicago Public Library, Chicago History Museum, Chicago Park District, the Newberry Library and the Art Institute of Chicago. The rest of the participants will be area colleges and universities, including DePaul, Northwestern, the University of Chicago, Columbia College, Illinois Institute of Technology, Roosevelt University, Loyola University Chicago and Northeastern Illinois University.

To be dubbed the Chicago Collections Consortium, the document storage service will unite all 14 archives under a single web portal, allowing all of the databases to be searched simultaneously.

The project couldn't be done, however, without a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to UIC's board of trustees. The school did not specify the exact amount of the donation, though it did note that it was made specifically on behalf of the library.

The head of UIC's political science department, Dick Simpson, said that the project will provide researchers with an exciting and powerful tool.

"This will accelerate our knowledge of our history for everyone. I expect to see many more books, magazine articles, and video documentaries using these resources," the professor said, adding that the ability to make connections that would otherwise have gone unnoticed would also be strengthened.

In addition to search capabilities, UIC said that the project will provide some digitally archived content to searchers.

Document management on such a scale can be an enormous task, but expert organizational techniques and the use of technology can help make it easier.
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